Dear Parent/Guardian:

Milestone Churches will be hosting weekly online youth programming for children ages 10-17. As part of our programming protocol we require your consent for your child(ren) to participate. 

As you may know, all online activities have some element of risk including, but are not limited to: risk of online predators securing access, your child disclosing personal information, cyberbullying, your child switching screen and viewing age-inappropriate content, computer viruses, etc.  Because of these, we have taken precautions to ensure your child(ren)’s safety and security during our programming. 

All online engagement programming will be hosted through Milestone’s licensed Zoom accounts and our YouTube channel. These platforms will be regularly monitored by Milestone staff. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of all online Zoom programs. All Zoom sessions will be recorded for security purposes and maintained on a confidential drive permanently. Children will be required to have their name or their parent’s name listed to participate. The Zoom room will be locked 10 minutes after start time. The opt-in clause below allows parents to indicate whether or not they consent to their child using a webcam during the recorded session.  If you opt-out of signing the waiver, your teen could still participate in devotionals, but they will not be permitted to have a camera on. They can join by calling in on a cellular device. 

With these measures in place we aim to provide a safe and fun experience for your child(ren) while online. 

Please complete and sign the consent form below. 

If you have any questions please contact us via email. 

Milestone Churches Youth Staff

Email –