Ruth – Part Four

March 17, 2019
This week, KJ finishes up our 4 part Ruth series on the pursuit of you. We find out what happens at the end of Ruth's story, and learn how ..."God…

Ruth – Part Three

March 3, 2019
Part 3 of our Ruth series entitled, "The Pursuit of You" focuses in on who Boaz was and what he meant as a kinsman-redeemer to both Ruth and Naomi, as…

Ruth – Part Two

February 17, 2019
As we continue our series on Ruth, we're introduced to Boaz as we see the way he immediately cares and pursues Ruth. KJ does a great job of connecting the…

Ruth – Part One

February 10, 2019
As we start a new series on Ruth, we learn about Naomi's journey and how Ruth's love and loyalty to Naomi is something we can all learn from.